Saturday, October 17, 2015


October 16, 2015  began rather early for me compared to normal routine schedules.  The Project Linus meeting time had to be rescheduled to 9 am for whatever reason and hubby was wonderful and said he would gladly take me in and run a few errands.  Although, I get up early, with my health issues I do not get up and going for quite awhile usually.

I am so thrilled that I was invited to join this guild.  It feels so incredible to give (in my case) the one quilt so far, to the community.  Just last month alone this group gave close to 75  items and this month even though our attendance was very low, due to so many who were at work and could not attend) several ladies each had crocheted at least 20 childrens hats each, and then there were at least 50 quilts of various sizes and a couple of ladies made about 20 burp cloths.  I hope I did not forget anyone or anything.  Is that just not so amazing!

There is a table set up that members bring in items that they donate and any member can take home.  I chose this wonderful house fabric.  I really like this blue house; a thought is to do some hand embroidery stitches on each one of the houses and then to possible create a circle and with it and add some Dresden plates on the edges and create a hope chest quilt for a teenage girl.

This brown t-shirt material was also just left that no one had wanted at the very end.  I volunteered to quilt two quilts for a woman who brought in two quilt tops.  She said that she does not have the space to quilt.  So I said I would do it for her.  The pink fleece was part of a give away that the winner does not do any quilting so it was passed on to me for the backing of one of the other of the two quilts I will be quilting.  Aside from needing to always practice my quilting and just enjoying the feeling of doing good....what the heck was I thinking....LOL.   I always think with my heart and not with my head!!!

This is the first of the two quilt tops.  It measures 55 by 55.  I will be doing mainly straight line quilting with my walking foot.  But, again my heart is saying oh spend a tad bit extra time and do some hand embroidery stitches and add that extra bit of love and attention.  So who knows.

This is the second quilt.  I have not measured it yet.  I know, my photo does not do the middle any justice.  After I get it quilted, again I am a walking foot kind of gal, I will get hubby to take the after photos and get some great pictures.  Maybe some more outdoor fall pictures.  By the way, it rained big time yesterday evening (it started right after I had finished watering all of my flowers that were looking a little to droopy) of course!  Thank the Lord for the rain we sure need every drop we can get!

I am working on the border of the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt.  I have decided to put a total of 4 rows of solid scrappy blocks around each side and then go from there.  Well, I was actually running out of several varieties that had been used up in block A or block B.  So, I pulled a variety of scraps from my plastic shoe fabric scraps storage system and have been cutting a few extra two and a half inch squares to hopefully get me all the way to the end of these 4 rows.  I do not have to worry about running out of scraps.   LOL.   So off I go to start quilting the green/white quilt.  I have a sinus infection and for the next few days am just taking it nice and easy.

Have a wonderful creative day!  Brenda

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