Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Yes, these two wonderful fur babies are one of the reasons progress on the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt is proceeding slowly.  I would not part with them for all the gold in the world, but they can be pretty they are patiently waiting for a couple bites of my ham sandwich....they know I saved for them.  They have me trained exceptionally well!  Other reasons for slow progress are just normal life and daily routines that have to be done at times, like doing the laundry, washing dishes and so on. 

One of the best reasons for slow progress, a couple of ladies from the Project Linus chapter that I have recently joined, decided to get together and spend a couple of hours once a week getting to know one another, which means a whole lot of fun talk, laughter and shared stories.  Plus we are going to be working on crafts like hand quilting, crocheting, knitting, hand embroidery and so forth.  We had our first get together yesterday and it was marvelous.  I am already excitedly awaiting for Wednesday for our next get together!

So, I am sewing medium to dark two and a half inch squares together into strips.  I am almost ready to attach the last section of the first row of border strips.  I am still thinking 4 border rows will be the right amount I want for our bed.  But, I am also going to lay it out over the bed after each additional border to achieve the hang over amount that I would like.  I have also actually had to choose some extra fabric colors to use since several of the fabric colors were depleted in the creation of the blocks. 

That is where I am headed now that I have posted, eaten some lunch, given the fur babies their snack bites, taken them out in the yard and thrown the ball and let them take care of business.  Never know how much time I will have sewing before Miss Dodger comes and lays her head on my thigh and looks at me with those sad eyes and does one of her "oh me, I am just so sad and bored" looks "will you take me outside and play ball?"  I am just to easily suckered with her sighs and those eyes...she wins every single time!

Have a wonderful creative day!  Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I love reading comments and responding!   Brenda

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