Thursday, October 29, 2015


At the beginning of the week, Kevin decided to start organizing the outside sheds and our extra room.  Which is a spectacular idea and also a major task in many respects.  After he had gone into one of the outdoor sheds (we have 2) he emptied so many items that we made a special trip to our local recycling/dump facilities with a car loaded to the top with garbage bags filled with all kinds of items that we saved for whatever reason and just have never used.  I was thrilled to be rid of so many items as was hubby.
Well, it seemed only fair, if Kevin was going to go to all this effort; I had to do some of my own downsizing and get everything into one room.  I have to admit that even though I have craft items stored in every single room in our home, I pretty much knew where it was and how much I had.  Yet, I also admit that having it all in one room will be much easier and end the long run take up far less space.  As you can tell from the photo above, I just took every item I found and just started putting it in the spare bedroom.  Within a very short time, it was a disaster and there was just no place else to put things...except to start stacking it on top of other items.
Although you can not really tell from the photo, I have made a gigantic achievement already by downsizing 2 twenty gallon totes with fabric that I am pretty sure I will never use.  The plan is to sell some of it, give some of it away and to donate quite a bit also.  But, I still have lots to go through.

The tote filled to the brim is fabric scraps of every shape, size and color.  I am going through and folding it nicely to then be stored in clear plastic smaller totes like the ones in the next picture.  These scraps are just amazing me!  Almost every one of these fabrics have been used in at least one of my quilts in just the time since we have lived in Oregon again.  Some of them have been given to me, bought at second hand stores or garage sales and just somehow ended up being tossed into a tote to be folded and put back onto the shelf.  Guess who never made it to that phase....LOL at myself.  But hopefully by tomorrow I will have this all folded and separated.

Quite a number of years ago, I began cutting scrap fabrics into specific sized blocks and they are then stored in these small clear totes.  I really love it this way, but most of my totes are filled to the rim and I will soon have to either make a load of scrap quilts or buy bigger totes.  Although hubby supports my quilting 100 percent, I have a feeling he will be asking me to make quilts and not spend extra money on totes.  Will have to discuss it with him later on.

I may not be online much over the following week because of this project.  It sure will be fantastic once I have it all sorted and stored in the one room.  So off I go....I hope that you all have a wonderful creative day doing whatever part of crafting/sewing/quilting or organizing that you have to do!

Thank You for stopping by!  I love to get comments and will respond as quickly as I can!  Brenda


  1. Hi Brenda - I have been following your Scrap Dance quilt on Flikr; and now that Carolyn has another project for us, I will enjoy seeing everyones progress there as well. Good for you and your project Linus activity. I seem to be 'acquiring' more totes too. I figure having the fabric gives me choices, and I love to sew from my stash. I do scrap storage also, and I am headed to my sewing room to see which bins I need to pull to do the Christmas Mystery/Quilt Along Table topper. Fingers crossed that I have all the colors in the right quantity already cut. (If it was 2" squares I have an abundance). Good storage is critical I think; and sorting out once in a while really helps to energize you! Enjoy having everything all in one space.

  2. Cut some of those fabrics into scrappy squares 2-1/2 inch and 3-inch, and you'll have a head start on our Scrap Dance 2 quilt for 2016! Great to get it all organized!