Saturday, November 7, 2015


Yesterday afternoon, Kevin left the house to take Mr. Shakes in for a grooming appointment.  I stayed at home with Miss Dodger and because two of my new quilting friends came over for some sewing time.  LOL.  In all honesty, we do not get much accomplished in the line of sewing...a lot of laughter, sharing our lives and stories about sewing/quilting and family, plus every now and then even a tear or two.  Already in this short time, 4 of us have become pretty close and we are enjoying our time together and getting to know one another.

Well, at around 3 P.M.  we hear the car and Miss Dodger is letting us know with the beating of her tail as it swings back and forth hitting various objects like a drum.  LOL.  I knew that Kevin was trying to buy this because he wanted to make sure it was something that I would want. 

But being totally honest, the picture posted online did no justice to the beauty of this machine and stand.  Kevin thought after showing it to me that the seller had already sold it to someone else after she called and informed him that she was waiting on a person to come and see if they wanted it.  After the squeals of delight and surprise as he is moving it into the house from the three of us ladies, Kevin is grinning from ear to ear!  That alone was worth the 50 dollars this beauty cost us.

The seller called Kevin while he was picking up Mr. Shakes and said that she still had not heard from the person who said they  wanted it first.  So, she called Kevin and told him that because of how excited he sounded on the phone and then the disappointment in his voice that she knew we would be a great home for this machine.  Kevin right away started doing some digging for information about the machine and where we could get a printable book about it and so forth.  The next step is to call our sewing repair man and have him come and take a look and help get her up and going.  I just wanted to share my delight and my new sewing machine!

This is the super duper groomed Mr. Shakes.  He is so soft and handsome now!

Miss Dodger is grinning about my birthday surprise and maybe even teasing Mr. Shakes that he has a Mohawk! 

I hope that each one of you have a wonderful creative day today!  Brenda


  1. What a beautiful gift! Such a sweet blessing from your beloved, Brenda. xx

  2. That is a wonderful machine! Mr Shakes is a handsome boy now! Happy Birthday my friend.