Saturday, October 10, 2015


Back in July of this year, I participated in a Christmas In July Blog Hop sponsored by Benartex Fabric for Quilters. By Quilters.  I was one of the lucky winners of this fantastic Frosty Forest Fat Quarter Bundle pictured above.  Well terrible things happened that will not be discussed and they were dealt with pleasantly and wonderfully as time allowed.  I received the fat quarter bundle, the two patterns (which wouldn't you know it...I forgot to take pictures of) and am just thrilled to have won.  I especially love the owls.  But all of these fat quarters will works spectacularly together to make wonderful Christmas themed presents this year!  Thank you to everyone involved!

All of the above beautiful fabrics were gifted to me by Lisa (no last name to keep her privacy).  She was in charge of the Christmas in July Blog Hop and sent these fabrics to me from her own stash when things happened the way they did.  I thought it was especially wonderful of her to do and thanked her kindly.  We talked several times by email.  These fabrics also blend so beautifully with the Frosty Forest Fat Quarter Bundle, I know that she did it specifically and for that I am whole heartedly grateful!  The entire team through the Christmas in July Blog Hop worked brilliantly together to make things right and did so brilliantly.  I will use their company time and time again!

Thank You All!

I have been working diligently on sewing together the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt blocks.  LOL.  My sewing table only looks like this for about 60 seconds then all H... breaks loose once again!  After mumbling some very unfavorable words (which believe me, I do not do very often at all) and repeatedly telling myself that I just love using my seam ripper and we are just great friends...nope do not buy that story at all....I hate that thing!  But, I do have to use it at least once if not a gazillion times in each project!  How often do you actually like your seam ripper?

I got to move from each of the individual blocks to sewing the blocks into the individual rows!  Oh they are looking so marvelous!  I truly had planned on this quilt being a Christmas present for someone this year.  Yet, I do not think so....this is going to be all for me!  I have never actually kept not one of my quilts, not one!  So this gorgeous baby is all mine!  I will be posting some pictures on Flickr in a short while also.  I actually only have all but 4 rows assembled together and it is spectacularly beautiful...even hubby walked in while I had it laid out on the bed and said "There is NO WAY in GODS Creations you are giving this BEAUTY to Anyone!  This baby is OURS!"  He really accented all of those words big time.  LOL.  Another thing he said was that Carole sure named this quilt correctly!  He said "I can not believe the way it just dances with all of the various scraps and geometric shapes they create!"  Then he went on to say "This is marvelous!"

So take a standing ovation Carole!  Because from both Kevin and Myself we are sure giving you enough applause to fill a stadium to make you blush with your total brilliance in your design choices and color schemes.  Well, I am off to get to sewing the remainder together and then I have to figure out a border, then the backing, quilting and binding.  Still so much to do by the end of October!

Have a wonderful Creative Day!   Brenda


  1. Hi Brenda! I think it's awesome you are keeping it for yourself. I gave away so many quilts before I finally kept one for me! It it crazy? Haha spoil yourself and enjoy your new quilt... It's amazing by he way!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, and be sure to hug that wonderful husband of yours! What a nice thing to say, thank you to both of you!! I am totally blushing!

  3. Brenda,
    I use my seam ripper pretty much every day. As I posted on Carole's blog, in the first baby quilt I finished, two rows were upside down and I saw the error after the whole thing was quilted and bound! So, rip, rip and redo is what I did. lesson learned, will check more carefully as I go.
    Susan in Dublin

  4. So looking forward to even a photo of the top before completion. It looks stunning so far. How wonderful that he loves it as much as you and sees the magic of its dance.