Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello to everyone!  I would like to introduce you to an amazing/fun/easy craft.  Hand embroidery on card stock.  The photo above is my first try at this method and it was relaxing and easy to do.  I am going to share the link to some super instructions first.

Mary Corbet from Needle N Thread blog (link below) is now doing a segment on the CommonThread for DMC and has shared some spectacular information and tutorials.  I recommend checking out this site and discovering all that it has to offer.  But if you do enjoy hand embroidery and creating your own gifts; hand embroidered cards are a fantastic place to start! 

Mary Corbet's Needle n Thread blog is an amazing sight filled with tutorials for stitches, step by step projects and information related to Hand Embroidery along with printable free patterns and video tutorials for stitches.

I recommend checking out her sight for some great hand embroidery projects that could be used for Hand Embroidery on Card Stock.

On my Pinterest board (link below) I have saved some links to Christmas patterns that are free to download.  Please, have the courtesy of clicking on the site name and going to that site, read a post or two...look around and leave a comment before just copying and or printing a specific pattern.  Anyone who creates a blog understands what it is like not to have any comments.  Then as they grow and share...the joy and gratitude that comes from getting the comments and knowing that someone is using their design for creating a gift.

You may also find links to great Hand Embroidery projects and designs on quite a few of my other boards.  I am really hooked on Pinterest right now and am constantly taking a moment or hour (hee-hee) to search other peoples Pinterest boards and repining.  I have so many Want To Do that projects that I know I will never accomplish; but it sure is fun looking at all of the Spectacular and Beautiful projects that people create and share!

As many of you know, I am trying to learn how to do specific things on my blog.  Well, my brain is just not accepting many of these new ideas.  Like how to post this Pin from Jenny of Elefantz!  Which is the reason I wanted to share the hand embroidery project on card stock with all of you!

She has started a share project ideas; referred to as Home Made Stitched with Heartstrings!

Is this just not the prettiest Pin.  I have tried and tried to get it on my sidebar; but my brain is just not getting the process.  So hopefully later on hubby can figure it out!  But I truly recommend that you go and visit her blog and look around at all of the Brilliant ideas for gift making and giving that she has been sharing.

Jenny is an amazing and super talented artist that is extremely giving and kind!  Plus, not only is she sharing ideas and projects herself, on her sidebar is a list of fellow bloggers who are sharing ideas and projects also.  I am one of those people....and boy do I feel like a goof ball just posting my first post today about this fabulous idea.  I will be making up for that over the next few days and remaining year.  I have made a vow to myself that this following year I am going to start gift making right away and stop waiting until November to make gifts.  I plan on creating a link pin and sharing tutorials myself, links and so forth from now on.

But definitely go to Jenny's site and discover her brilliant and fantastic site first and foremost.  You will not be disappointed!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments!  I love getting comments and responding to comments, although I can be a tad bit lacking in responding instantly.  I am trying to figure out how to remedy that one also.  Have a wonderful creative day!



  1. Those are some nice sites, and I love those bells on the card. So clever, thanks for the links!

  2. What a wonderful idea to stitch on a card! Love what you made, Brenda, and thanks for sharing the links. :-)

  3. Beautiful Stitching! :) You do beautiful work!