Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is the reason for the delay......

 Sorry that the picture is yellow...once again my camera talents are showing my true nature with taking pictures!  LOL.  I had planned on posting a tutorial today, but my craft/sewing room has actually began to be turned back into a guest bedroom.  Hooray!  We found a double bed finally.  Hubby is going to be building a frame for it very soon.

But all of the sewing room was temporarily moved into the living room.  It amazes me every time I move things around and rearrange; the amount of fabrics that I have accumulated is fantastic.  As soon as the downstairs area is moved out into the storage shed, all of this will be organized and set up downstairs.  I should say that it is actually not a downstairs...we just refer to it that way.  We have an extra room that was built on to the mobile home and you have to step down three stairs.  It was built on the ground up.  But will be fabulous once it is all organized once again.

I am also working on getting our new bed quilt quilted.  It should have been done quite a few weeks ago, but things keep coming up that make me push this aside and take care of other things first.  But I should have it completed by tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.  So hopefully tomorrow I will be posting a couple of tutorials for the Home Made Stitched With Heart Strings.

Have a wonderful creative day!   Brenda

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