Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Guess what...I loaded the pictures in the wrong order!  Oh well, it will work this way also.  The picture above was taken on November 20, 2015 at our home.  My new quilting friends were over to celebrate Kevin's and mine birthdays.  In the middle holding Mr. Shakes is me, Miss Dodger is in front of me to my left with the blonde hair is Sylvia and to my right with the grey shirt is Deanna.

We had a fantastic fun filled afternoon filled with lots of sewing, laughter and good food.  We made Enchiladas and were so full after eating them that we did not have any of the delicious Chocolate cake with Chocolate/Cherry frosting that Kevin made from scratch.

I do believe I am going to save this picture as my new face book photo...when I ever get around to it.

This picture was taken a few days ago.  The Hawk is sitting in a tree located just off to the left side of our front yard.  Kevin took all kinds of pictures of him or her.  We are pretty sure that it is one of about 3 Hawks that we see or hear quite often around our property.  But this was the closest distance they have ever been.  I love to watch them fly and listen carefully for their screeching; especially when I have Mr. Shakes out in the yard.  I am sure that these Hawks would have no regrets at trying him out for a tasty meal; one of them swooped down and tried to get Colby (Savannahs tiny toy poodle) last year.

Alright lets get down to sharing some great links.  The photo above was taken from GRETA'S QUILTING STUDIO.  

I have followed Greta's blog site for quite a few years.  She does some of the most spectacular quilting and quilt designs that I just awww over big time.  Well this year she is sharing all sorts of links, special patterns and some fantastic tutorials for ideas to use for creating gifts.

I highly recommend that you take an hour or so and go and discover her sight and what she has to offer.  The picture above is one that I am definitely going to be creating as soon as possible.  Which may be a few days since I am still quilting on my Scrap Dance quilt from Carole at My Carolina Home blog.  I truly hope to have it completed and on our bed by the time I go to bed tonight!

I am trying to post links and tutorials to be an active participant in Jenny's blog sharing links and tutorials for Home Made Stitched With Heartstrings section of her blog.  Definitely go and check out her site for many great ideas and on her sidebar she has a special section of other bloggers who are also contributing to this great idea of sharing and inspiring!

It amazes me how often over the past several months how unexpected events in life have been occurring in my life.  Like we finally found a double bed to put in our guest room.  Yeah!!!  Yet, it means most of the supplies/fabrics and so much crafting materials are now sitting in a section of the Living Room.  I now have to figure out where to put it and how to put it.  LOL.  Not looking forward to this....but I am so delighted to have this bed for our guests, so it is all worth it. 

Hopefully after Thanksgiving I will be sharing a couple of video tutorials for some neat gift making ideas!  I am really excited about doing these.  Please have patience and do not give up on me when it comes to posting.  I am really getting excited about posting once again and connecting with other bloggers!

Have a wonderful Love Filled Thanksgiving!   Thanks for stopping by!    Brenda

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