Monday, January 25, 2016

The two pictures above are related to a new Mystery Quilt Along. Carole at From My Carolina Home is putting on another mystery. Here is the link. The last Mystery Quilt was absolutely the best quilt (in my opinion and my husbands opinion) and I had a blast. This time around, I am only going to be making a lap quilt size, due to the fact that there are all sorts of other projects going on also. But Deanna and Sylvia are both sewing along also, which really adds to the fun. Deanna is already trying to guess which blocks Carole is using. I do not even attempt to go in that path. What about you? Do you try and figure out what the blocks could be? I know that I have not posted in quite awhile! I have been trying without success to learn how to create buttons and several other items featured in so many other blogs that really seem to help them grow. I do not really want to grow, but I do want to share some fantastic ideas. After much stress and no results, I have decided to just continue doing as I always have and let it be as it is. So hopefully, if all goes as planned, in the next day or two, I will be starting a new posting about making gifts for Christmas Year Around! Deanna and I have already made several of this years gifts and it feels wonderful. So stop back by and see what I have to share! Plus do not forget to go and check out Carole's great Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt Along! Have a fantastic creative day!

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