Friday, February 19, 2016

Fabrics, Friends and Mystery Quilts Such a Wonderful Combination!

I decided to add some brighter and various prints of fabrics into the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt that Carole is hosting. I really recommend clicking and going over to her blog and getting in on the fun of this Mystery.  Plus, Carole has a lot of other things to offer on her blog!  Go and have a look around!  Tell her Brenda sent you!   Link below

Our main computer, where luckily hubby had saved the pictures and important stuff to disks, died on us just a few short weeks ago.  The reason that I have not been posting anything at all.  Little by little, I will get back in the swing of things...and maybe continue on with the plans that I had hoped to do earlier.  But, in all honesty, I am not very excited about it anymore; just so much chaos going on in life.  Yet, Deanna and I are still getting together as often as possible and sewing up a storm.  We are really have fun with this mystery and with our Project Linus Guild projects, plus we are doing a ton of quilted items for family members for gifts. 

Which is where I am headed after posting a couple pictures on Flickr!  I have quite a few family gifts to get made and picked up some great fabrics at the Project Linus meeting today that need to be made into some fabulous quilts for next months meeting!  Have a fantastic creative day!  Thank You for stopping by and I would love to read your comment and get back to you as soon as I can!



  1. Looks like you are having great fun, Brenda! Say Hi to Deanna!

    1. Carole, Deanna and I are having a fantastic time creating the pieces for the Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt! I still have a few of my half square triangles to trim down to size, but she has all of hers done. But, I do have all of my two and a half inch squares cut and ready to be sewn into their place. Of course, I think I cut a hundred or so extra it was so hard to chose the fabrics to use!