Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hello to All!  Today is a big step for me.  I am making a year long commitment to myself to have fun with my blog once again and hopefully take it in a new direction.  One of those directions is going to be sharing

I must admit, I have not worked out all of the details.  Yet, I do know that my goal is to share at least one Christmas Project every week all year long.  Hopefully, I will have some guest bloggers share a project or two!  Another part of this may only give a variety of links to projects that I think would be fun to do and hopefully you will also.  I also plan on learning how to write tutorials and share several of my projects along the way!
Plus, another great bonus, my Best Friend and Quilting Buddy has her own blog that she started just this past year and wants to do more also.  So she will be joining me and sharing all sorts of fun stuff on her blog also!  I do hope that you will join us in creating Christmas Gifts all year long, because the more the merrier!

So far I have but two other goals for 2017 and that is to finish each and every UFO that I have.  I was so surprised today when I could fit them all in one big tote.  I forgot to count, but I know that the total is between 10 and 15. With a bigger surprise in discovering that most of them are very close to be finished, while only 3 of them are barely started.

My last goal for the New Year is to (LOL at myself) start and finish as many projects as I can!  To join a few more groups like the one I joined on Intrepid Thread just the other day.  Oh phoey, I can not remember the exact name and have not put it on my sidebar yet.  It is about Scrap Busting and I love to use up the fabrics I have and all of the Scraps that I do have!  Plus, to learn new skills and improve on skills that need that extra effort, like getting bindings to look nice.  So there you have it!  I will share more about the Scrap Busting from Intrepid Thread in a day or so. 

So before I go, let me share my first Christmas Table Topper.  In all honesty, I think it turned out so beautiful using the fabric choices I did; the red fabrics have candy canes in both red and green, while the green fabric  Deanna and I both made one this weekend while we were together sewing, quilting, laughing and just having a marvelous time together!  I had saved the "PIN" quite some time ago with a link to the pattern and blog tutorial. 

If you follow this link it takes you to my Pinterest Page where I do enjoy clicking on those little "PIN IT" buttons on a variety of blogs and on other Pinterest Pages!  Never in a million years will I ever be able to accomplish everything I have found that I would love to make!
How about you are you a Pinterest fan?

This is the link to the board where a picture is located close to the bottom on the right hand side.  It is called EASY CHRISTMAS TABLE RUNNER 
Do not hesitate to look around and see some of the great projects.  Click on the picture on the bottom and it should take you right to the site it was originally pinned from or the pattern site itself.

This is where I originally found the pin.

This is the site to find the tutorial and post about it!

I just love the fabric we chose to use as the backing material also.  This way it can be used on either side and it could also be used as a Wall Hanging if the recipient so desired.  The next two pictures are of Deanna's.  Both of our fabrics were almost identical, except for the greens.  I hope that if you want and if it can click on the pictures and enlarge them to see the fabrics better. 

We are both very proud of the Cross Hatch machine quilting we did!  Another one of the items I continually have to work on and I would like to start trying some other designs with the walking foot; as I know Deanna does also.

Well, I do believe I have written enough!  Oh look, I just noticed Mr. Shakes is under the table...well he is always under the table when I am at the sewing machine, just usually laying on Deanna's chair; he has several special softies that he lays on and even has to share with Miss Dodger now and then.  Miss Chicca on the other hand, she loves a brown paper sack right now under the table or if I am really nice, I put her up on the table by the window and put her special quilt on it for her lonnnnnng afternoon nap.  LOL.  I added a bunch more!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love reading your comments and am trying to figure out how to be notified of them.  All learning for the New Year.....for now have a fantastic creative day and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!    Celebrate the birth of Christ this time of year!


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  1. Those are some big goals! Sounds like you'll be having fun sewing all year long.