Friday, December 30, 2016

A Few Quilting Goals For 2017

Beginning right after Thanksgiving, I had to organize (really just stuff quilting items in plastic totes or wherever they would go and be out of the way until after Christmas) all of my quilting/sewing items that had pretty much taken over the house!  LOL.

Hubby said that everything must go and be out of the way.  It took me until just a few days before our girls arrived to get it all done.  Mainly because I had picked up this Flu virus that pretty much just knocked everyone on their a** for weeks to a month or two.  I was pretty much in bed for an entire month.  Thankfully, I had marked a few of the totes.  This project was in a tote marked UFO's.

Why I did not finish this project is beyond me.  With all of those beautiful fabrics together it will make a lovely quilt.  It was actually stuffed into a plastic bag (who in the heck.....I never do things like that) so I had to have been having a really bad headache; on top of which, I can find no paper work telling me the Quilt Pattern I was using!  But, I have decided I will find a new pattern and make this into a quilt this year!

This quilt is one that Deanna and I both fell in love with when Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. put out her new video tutorial on creating these Dresdens.  Deanna is much farther along than I am, but that is all right, again this was stopped because of the cleanup, the Flu and also due to the fact that I needed to make some Christmas projects as gifts.  The person I am making it for is in no great hurry, but it will be finished as soon as possible.  I am really anxious to see how it turns out!

This Quilt has been designed pretty much by me as a quilt as you go quilt.  It is being made for a quilt to cover our bed.  I believe it was started over 4 years ago.  I know I was getting very frustrated with the golden sparkly thread breaking all of the time and am assuming set it aside and with my horrible brain damage just forgot all about it until I found it in the tote with these two other unfinished quilt projects.  I have this one listed as my second to finish UFO!

This is going to be my first UFO to finish!  I made a baby quilt for my Niece last year with this flannel material and had started putting the top and bottom blocks together.  While Deanna was here, I could not find the original project that I wanted to work on; so this was chosen instead.  After discovering that I had no other green fabric to work with; I decided to put the orange in the center and make iron on Dresden flowers using the scrap fabrics from the last project.  Therefore, I am already starting to conquer a UFO and it is not 2017 yet!

There will be many more UFO's added to my list though, I just could not find them today!  LOL.  I hope that you have a fantastic creative day and have a fabulous time conquering your UFO's whatever they may be!

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  1. Nice-blogging-Brenda.-I-cant-think-of-that-much-stuff-to-write.

  2. I hope you are over the flu bug Brenda and having fun working on your UFOs! I hope you have a wonderful year.