Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 FINISH A LONG ( FAL) List of Projects to Finish

Hello! My name is Brenda Ackerman and I WELCOME YOU to MY QUILT JOURNEY blog! 

In the process of reading blog posts, I came across a highly recommended site titled
FINISH A LONG ( FAL).  Curiosity led me to the site, only to discover instantly that this was something I really needed!  Motivation to Finish all of these quilts and other projects that I have started in the past 4 years and have not finished.  Here is the link to Rhonda's Quilt Ramblings Blog

So here I go with my list of Projects to Finish A Long in this Quarter

1.  This quilt is for my Dad.  It was shown to him on Father's Day of 2016 as an almost completed gift.  I needed to add the borders, quilt it and the final step the binding.  I have reached the stage of the binding and we are in the new year.  I must finish this quilt!  Do you not agree!

The quilt itself is so pretty and all scrappy.  I follow a fun and wonderful blog titled
   From My Carolina Home here is the link....
She puts together amazing Mystery Quilt Along, free patterns, spectacular photographs and tutorials plus so much more.  My Dad's quilt is from one of her Mystery Quilts SCRAP DANCE TANGO.  A quilting friend and I had a blast following along with this Mystery.

2.  This is another Quilt Along that Carole recently had on her blog.  The title of the quilt is SCRAP DANCE WALTZ.  I just love the names that she chooses for her projects.  This is going to be a step by step quilt for me.  I am making this one for one of my Sisters In Laws as a Christmas present.  So as long as I have it completed by the end of November; I will be tickled pink! 

So my goal for this quarter is to finish sewing together all of my Half Square Triangles and getting them all trimmed to the correct size of the two and a half inches.  All other pieces are cut and I have completed one row and three of block A.  So I am very confident that I will accomplish this goal!

3.  This quilt top was made following a Jenny Doan video "SPRING RAIN" from Missouri Star Quilt Company on You Tube.  The only difference is I used Christmas fabrics.  I had so much fun making this quilt that I definitely want to make another one!  But first, I have to get this one Quilted!  So that is my goal for this quarter.  Hopefully, I will get the binding on also.  Yet, if I just get it quilted I will have met my goal and be very pleased!

4.  The fabrics here are for reversible placemats.  I have everything all cut out and even started free motion machine quilting one of them.  Then, I have no idea what happened and why they were pushed aside and forgotten about.  I really honestly do not even remember why or even who they were being made for.  Is that not so funny?  So my goal is to get the FOUR PLACEMATS COMPLETELY FINISHED BY THE END OF THE QUARTER. 

5.  Can you tell I am really into Christmas projects?  LOL.  Actually, I have a ton (well it seems that way to me) of unfinished projects and these were the ones on the top.  Plus, one of the goals on my Blog this year is to post at least once a week a project tutorial or link of Christmas projects.  I do not ever want to be a last minute gift maker again! 

So these are both individual printed fabrics and I decided to quilt them into table toppers.  I have both of the fronts sewn on but I did not put on any backs.  Which leaves me once again wondering what in the world was I thinking.  But, I figured this one out.  My Dad was admitted into the hospital while doing these and all I was going to do was lay fabric over the top and sew around, turn inside out and yadda yadda.  So, that is my goal on both of these...TO GET THEM FINISHED AND LOOKING PRETTY AS TABLE TOPPERS.

6.  This is a Wall Hanging Panel that I want to do some fancy Hand Embroidery Stitches on!  I really enjoy doing hand embroidery and I think that this one will be just for Hubby and Myself.  Looking at the backing fabric though, I think I will be changing that.  So my Goal is to have it completely Hand Embroidered by the end of the Quarter.  That is all, the remainder will be in another quarter.

7.  This is a Project Linus quilt that I made and it somehow got pushed aside.  So my goal is to get it quilted and the binding put on as soon as possible.  Plus, deliver it to the monthly meeting!  I also hope to complete one other quilt (but that is not in the FAL).

I sure hope that I can accomplish all of these goals for the quarter of the FINISH A LONG  (FAL)!  Being this is my first one, I hope that I did not overload myself.  Now I will publish this and then go and read the link up information one more time and see how that goes!




  1. Those all look like wonderful goals for finishes! Thanks for mentioning my quilt alongs!

  2. Wow, you've got some big finishes in the works. Good luck!!
    E xx

  3. Glad you are joining FALand hope you get the motivation to finish them!