Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My First UFO Is Complete!

Julie Cefalu has a fabulous blog The Crafty Quilter that she began in January of 2012.  I am not positive when I began following her, but I am positive that I made the right choice in doing so and have learned a lot of valuable and usable information in my quilting.  Here is the link to her blog

Julie decided to host a 2019 UFO & WIP CHALLENGE
which I gladly signed up and joined as soon as I began reading her post.  I have a huge amount of Unfinished Projects and am excited enough to have set my goal (just my own personal goal) to complete 2 UFO's per month.

Hand Embroidery is a craft that both of my Grand Mother's helped teach me when I was in grade school.  It was a lot of the basic stitches and I believe that my projects were all following Iron-On Patterns used on tea towels and pillowcases.  My Mother still uses a set of the tea towels that I made for her.  I need to get pictures and share them.

The hand embroidery pattern that I chose to use in the pattern above is one that Amina of the Blog STITCH FLORAL shared on October 6, 2018 and asked if anyone would like to join her in doing the pattern "Fall Wedding" a free pattern she found on Pinterest and just fell for.  Here is the link for you to read all the details yourself if you would be interested.  Plus, Amina has some other great tutorials and free patterns also.

I decided not to use any beads in my embroidery because somewhere very close to the beginning, I decided to do this pattern for my Mom.  Somewhere getting close to the end of the pattern, I decided that it would make a very pretty pillow center and Mom likes to decorate with pillows.  I also decided it would be a great Christmas present.

I did not get it finished in time for Christmas.  I showed Mom what she would be getting when it did get finished and she was thrilled with it.  So even though this is my newest UFO, I did get it done!

I knew that Mom would like browns.  I should correct myself, Mom has only been shown the hand embroidery section all finished.  She has not been shown any part of the pillow or even any of the fabrics that I tried to choose from.  So it will be a nice partial surprise.  LOL.  I decided on the grey background with the variety of leaves.  In that way it can be placed just about anywhere in her house and it will fit in nicely.

The variety of blues and the tad bits of pinks will go nicely in her bedroom if she decides to put it there.  She also has some old antique furniture that the rust colors will blend right in with.  The pink is for my daughter who has always loved the color and was Moms first Grandchild.

I always enjoy the variety of ways that so many people show off their quilts and projects in different settings.  I tend to forget and want to work at setting up a bit of style and have a bit of fun.  Especially since so many of these are projects that were set aside, by me, and forgotten.  I would love to know what your thoughts are!

Whoopie...January UFO is complete and I am thrilled with how it turned out!  Now onto February!!


  1. Hi Brenda! What a nice finish you share today. And how great do you feel with it being a UFO from a couple of years ago. I know your Mom will enjoy it very much. Not only was it stitched and finished with love, you also took into consideration where she might want to display it. Beautiful. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Your embroidery work and pillow are beautiful and it looks very lovely on the table setting!